The Yearly Slowdown

As usual project development has slowed down a bit over the winter since I’m busy with work and keep getting colds. However it’s far from dead. This time I not only have a stock of rum, I also have two bottles of reasonably good whiskey for my birthday which will no doubt help to rejuvenate the development process. So this is what’s going to happen:

  1. Sneeze a lot (in progress)
  2. Give up on writing something like mvtools2 from scratch by borrowing from x264 (already done)
  3. Merge fixes for issues discovered in Chikuzen’s filters
  4. Release R23 – A 100% dull maintenance release mostly to fix documentation, tests and some problematic debug printfs on 64 bit windows
  5. Open a bottle of whiskey and celebrate the year of the horse a bit late
  6. Hack away at mvtools2 until a few core functions become portable and usable, then release to the millions of monkeys out there for testing

There may also be some unspecified other things happening, or not. You never know. Unless it already happened, that is…