R22 – The number of bits shall be 64

Have you ever wanted to encode things in 64 bits? Now you can!

The latest release adds support for x64 windows and all native filters have x64 compiles ready as well, however Avisynth x64 plugins can’t be loaded because the moron who originally converted the Avisynth header did it in a sloppy way and forgot to make the memory offsets stored as a ptrdiff_t.

There have also been substantial changes to the core code as all use of the Qt libraries have been removed and replaced with C++11 instead. This reduces the number of dependencies and makes VapourSynth easier to compile. During this process all the locking was reviewed and every relevant function should now be thread-safe. For those of you who want to contribute to the core project there are Visual Studio 2013 projects available in the repository which makes compiling a lot easier.

Those were the major changes, here’s a list of some of the smaller improvements made:

  • Added the MakeDiff and MergeDiff filters (equivalent to masktool’s mt_makediff and mt_adddiff)
  • Arguments passed to functions with the value None are now ignored in Python — this makes it much easier to pass on filter arguments
  • Filter arguments in Python now accept any iterable type and not just lists — go crazy and use expressions such range(3) or (clipa, clipb) as function arguments
  • The usual small tweaks such as improved code examples, fps display in vspipe and rare memory leak fixes

Important Compatibility Information

Lut2, Merge and MaskedMerge now take two clip arguments instead of the original two clip array. For example:

core.std.Merge(clips=[clip1, clip2], 0.5)

Should be changed to:

core.std.Merge(clipa=clip1, clipb=clip2, 0.5)

The python module will automatically rewrite it to the new version for now to keep script compatibility. Script writers who want to test that their script works with only the new behavior can create a new core this way:


R22 Release Candidates for everyone!

I’ve posted a new release candidates to the usual doom9 thread. This is a major update that adds x64 support to windows, makes almost every single function thread-safe, gets rid of the Qt dependency and moves to C++11.

There’s still a little bit of debugging to do and some third party filters that haven’t gotten x64 compiles yet though so report any issues you find.