R24 – Making VSScript Sane

It’s finally time for another release with big improvements. Mostly because people tried to use VapourSynth and had opinions about it, and as a result the VSScript API has been improved to make more sense and plenty of minor odd things in the Python module have been fixed.

Release highlights:

  • FreezeFrames, DuplicateFrames and DeleteFrames filters added
  • An experimental ImageMagick reader/writer added
  • VSPipe can pass arguments into scripts being evaluated
  • The number of threads to use can be set at any time both from the API and Python
  • The VSScript API has been improved and now behaves more sanely in addition to reporting failure/success for more operations
  • An exceptional number of serious bugs fixed, most of them fortunately rare

Main compatibility issues with previous versions:

  • The Python module no longer adjusts arguments for filters that had them changed in R22. See the R22 release post for more details.
  • VSPipe has a new argument parser and slightly changed argument handling better match command line utilities in general. Short versions of arguments have also been added.

ImageMagick Based Image Writer/Reader Finally Available

After many, many months of procrastination and two weeks of cursing at the ImageMagick API, ABI and horrible design decisions I finished what should be a mostly working source plugin based on it. It can read a list of different images or numbered image sequences, it also allows images with varying dimensions to be loaded in one call. 8-16 bit formats with or without alpha are supported which makes it superior to anything available for Avisynth. Let the image file processing begin!

As usual the download link and special notes for the early test versions can be found in the relevant doom9 thread.

A New Editor

There’s now a useful editor for VapourSynth called VapourSynth Editor. Despite the not very imaginative name it’s already got useful syntax completion and preview functionality and I’ll probably be using it myself when writing scripts in the future. You can also report issues and suggest features to the author in the doom9 thread.

Here are two pictures of the editor in action: