R33 – A Somewhat Experimental Release

What’s to experimental in this release you ask? Basically all the code got modified. Everywhere. To re-factor and optimize things. The most important improvements are:

  • 8-bit and 16-bit integer and float support in all core functions where it makes sense
  • Many commonly used core functions were optimized (Median, Minimum, Maximum, Inflate, Deflate, Convolution)
  • The internal resizers can now have the active region set to achieve things like subpixel shifts
  • VSFS was removed and replaced by AVFS, this AVFS version works with both VapourSynth and Avisynth and has all the latest changes
  • The Python installation to use can now be selected in the installer
  • Release builds are now mostly compiled with clang-cl for improved speed

There are also a few important compatibility related changes from previous versions:

  • AVFS works very differently from VSFS (command line vs shell integration) but can still accomplish more or less the same thing
  • PlaneStats function had the MinMax property split into separate Min and Max
  • GenericFilters is no longer included because the core functions plus the TCanny plugin can now replace 99% of its uses
  • AssVapour was renamed to SubText and uses the sub namespace now