R33 – A Somewhat Experimental Release

What’s to experimental in this release you ask? Basically all the code got modified. Everywhere. To re-factor and optimize things. The most important improvements are:

  • 8-bit and 16-bit integer and float support in all core functions where it makes sense
  • Many commonly used core functions were optimized (Median, Minimum, Maximum, Inflate, Deflate, Convolution)
  • The internal resizers can now have the active region set to achieve things like subpixel shifts
  • VSFS was removed and replaced by AVFS, this AVFS version works with both VapourSynth and Avisynth and has all the latest changes
  • The Python installation to use can now be selected in the installer
  • Release builds are now mostly compiled with clang-cl for improved speed

There are also a few important compatibility related changes from previous versions:

  • AVFS works very differently from VSFS (command line vs shell integration) but can still accomplish more or less the same thing
  • PlaneStats function had the MinMax property split into separate Min and Max
  • GenericFilters is no longer included because the core functions plus the TCanny plugin can now replace 99% of its uses
  • AssVapour was renamed to SubText and uses the sub namespace now

2 thoughts on “R33 – A Somewhat Experimental Release

  1. It comes a bit late i guess, but since my comment is about the new Avisynth Virtual File System this should be the right place, no?
    I think it’s a bug, but i dont know where to report it. The AVFS uses way too much memory. It’s like every time it reads a frame it stores it in the memory but it never erases it after it’s done, so the memory usage just keeps going up and it only comes down when AVFS is terminated.
    Please excuse my lack of precise terminology but I’m only a newbie user.

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