R20 – Closer to done

About 3 months since the last release and another one is ready. The main news are plugin auto-loading on every OS. The other big change is that invoking a function per frame is possible. This mean that every Avisynth script in existence can now be converted to VapourSynth. It’s also possible to make interesting new ones…

Other notable fixes:

  • Opening a VapourSynth script inside a VapourSynth script now works
  • Cache size adjustment should work better now
  • Requesting an error frame twice no longer causes a deadlock
  • Addborders /Blankclip now default to black background color instead of the “zero memory pink”
  • No more crashes when Avisynth plugins are passed a colorspace Avisynth 2.5 doesn’t support

The core is mostly complete now (I always keep saying this until I remember something that’s missing). What’s left is mostly some code cleanup and merging simple text drawing into the core. Feel free to take a look at the bug tracker for some simple coding tasks to do. Especially adding constant folding to the Expr filter is a good starter task.

That’s all for this release. Next up will probably be a port of dither tool’s re-imaging of RemoveGrain. And the image writer I keep getting distracted from.

2 thoughts on “R20 – Closer to done

  1. This is pretty exciting to me. I use AviSynth scripts fairly extensively with Staxrip as a front end, bit there are a lot of bugs and multicore does not always work. What are your suggestions for me to get familiar with using VapourSynth? Thank you for your time in this matter.

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