R44 – Speeding up slightly

There’s a new maintenance release and it updates a few things and fixes some minor issues. Upgrading is recommended. The more interesting news will be in the next post.

3 thoughts on “R44 – Speeding up slightly

  1. I have a issue for this version. when I use BM3D and set cache size 4000~5000,The VSedit always show cache too small log,and It crashed when I was encoding….

    Win7 64bit 8GB RAM

    Sorry for my bad english…

      • You are right.Because always a hint that the cache is too small,I set the cache to 6000 and encode directly,but my memory is only 8000,So the result is “out of memory”.
        And I found that R44 uses about 20% more memory than R43 when encoding.

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