R14 – Improved Packaging

It’s time for another release. The main highlights are bug fixes and the possibility to set the max cache size. The default max is 1GB everywhere to prevent running out of address space in 32bit applications. I’ve also decided to start bundling some potentially useful filters:

  • TemporalSoften – C code restored from inline asm
  • Histogram – with support for higher bitdepths in the default mode
  • VIVTC – think TIVTC but less features and portable
  • EEDI3 – improved to work on all 8bit formats

Since this project’s success depends a lot on good plugins being available I’ve also included all files needed to start developing in the installer. Just check out the SDK directory and the example invert filter to get started.

It’s now time for me to start spending more time porting/rewriting some useful Avisynth things…

5 thoughts on “R14 – Improved Packaging

  1. “Since this project’s success depends a lot on good plugins being available”

    given this and the plugins being ported are primarily done by maths specialists such as yourself and thanks for this BTW, great potential, i wonder if The Julia Language would good for also writing plugins for and interfacing with VS

    “High-Performance JIT Compiler
    Julia’s LLVM-based just-in-time (JIT) compiler combined with the language’s design allow it to approach and often match the performance of C/C++. To get a sense of relative performance of Julia compared to other languages that can or could be used for numerical and scientific computing, we’ve written a small set of micro-benchmarks in a variety of languages.”

    seems very fast and if so perhaps the porters here can evaluate it and write some sample filters in it for fun ?

    od love to finally see a well done fractaldenoising filter inside the popular encoder apps with this type of image filtering as their starting point

  2. I would like to ask about YATTA’s support.

    It depends on multiple filters so if they can be ported properly, will YATTA be usable by VS?

    Thank you.

    • When the time is right I’ll switch yatta to use vapoursynth. It’s just not quite ready yet. The special filters yatta uses are very simple and it should only take a day or so to port all of them.

      • OK, as I expected.

        the other thing is: when will VS be ready to be used rather than AVS in matter of supporting major AVS filters (most used ones, filtering,…etc.)?

        anyway I’ll be happy to wait for your developments cuz VS is just so powerfull in this short period of time… just thanks man.

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