R51 – Not very interesting but here it is anyway

It’s not interesting because it’s all bug fixes and nothing else really. That’s because I’ve been busy working on audio support (99% done) and a big API update (~90% done) so come back for that in a few weeks. That’ll need a huge post.

2 thoughts on “R51 – Not very interesting but here it is anyway

  1. 1. Complete backwards API and ABI compatibility will be preserved for a year or two as well so nothing should break.
    2. Yes, documentation of the changes will be provided.

  2. Just wondering …
    ffmpeg can build with vapoursynth&python libs to be able to “consume” .vpy as input.
    I guess the upcoming API update means that ffmpeg needs to be updated to maintain that functionality.
    Is there documentation or something to assist the ffmpeg developers in that task ?

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