R36 – Python Improvements and Some Bug Fixes

I fixed some bugs. Other people who understand Python improved things a bit. This is yet another maintenance release. See the changelog for the full list of fixes.


5 thoughts on “R36 – Python Improvements and Some Bug Fixes

  1. does the function Resize() parameter nominal_luminance effect in this new zimg library version?

      • I am not sure.
        But I have test many times using the cmd setting nominal_luminance 800 and 100. There is no different just like do not working:
        clip=core.resize.Spline36(clip=clip,width=3840,height=2160,format=vs.YUV420P10,matrix_s=”2020ncl”,range_s=”limited”, transfer_s=”st2084″, primaries_s=”2020″,matrix_in_s=”709″,range_in_s=”full”, transfer_in_s=”709″, primaries_in_s=”709″,nominal_luminance=800)

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