R24 – Making VSScript Sane

It’s finally time for another release with big improvements. Mostly because people tried to use VapourSynth and had opinions about it, and as a result the VSScript API has been improved to make more sense and plenty of minor odd things in the Python module have been fixed.

Release highlights:

  • FreezeFrames, DuplicateFrames and DeleteFrames filters added
  • An experimental ImageMagick reader/writer added
  • VSPipe can pass arguments into scripts being evaluated
  • The number of threads to use can be set at any time both from the API and Python
  • The VSScript API has been improved and now behaves more sanely in addition to reporting failure/success for more operations
  • An exceptional number of serious bugs fixed, most of them fortunately rare

Main compatibility issues with previous versions:

  • The Python module no longer adjusts arguments for filters that had them changed in R22. See the R22 release post for more details.
  • VSPipe has a new argument parser and slightly changed argument handling better match command line utilities in general. Short versions of arguments have also been added.