SetFieldBased (Experimental)

std.SetFieldBased(clip clip, int value)

This function is experimental and may be removed or greatly changed in the next version.

This is a convenience function. See SetFrameProps if you want to set other properties.

SetFieldBased sets _FieldBased to value and deletes the _Field frame property. The possible values are:

0 = Frame Based

1 = Bottom Field First

2 = Top Field First

For example, if you have source material that’s progressive but has been encoded as interlaced you can set it to be treated as frame based (not interlaced) to improve resizing quality:

clip = core.ffms2.Source("rule6.mkv")
clip = core.std.SetFieldBased(clip, 0)
clip = clip.resize.Bilinear(clip, width=320, height=240)