std.BlankClip([clip clip, int width=640, int height=480, int format=vs.RGB24, int length=(10*fpsnum)/fpsden, int fpsnum=24, int fpsden=1, float[] color=<black>, bint keep=0])

Generates a new empty clip. This can be useful to have when editing video or for testing. The default is a 640x480 RGB24 24fps 10 second long black clip. Instead of specifying every property individually, BlankClip can also copy the properties from clip. If both an argument such as width, and clip are set, then width will take precedence.

If keep is set, a reference to the same frame is returned on every request. Otherwise a new frame is generated every time. There should usually be no reason to change this setting.

It is never an error to use BlankClip.