R28 – eControversy

What’s controversial you ask? Checking if plugins actually use the API as documented. Walls of derping on the subject were quickly created. But enough about that, now it’s time to list the new features and interesting changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Python 3.5 is now required instead of 3.4. This is good because it’s not bad. And I don’t have to keep an ancient compiler around anymore when developing things.¬†Windows development only needs VS2015 now.

Other interesting changes are:

  • Expr is much faster because it has runtime code generation – there should be much less reason to use Lut(2) now
  • Expr can have 26 input clips – many instances of Lut2 and other small logic filters can now be folded into one much faster expression
  • Float support in PlaneAverage, imwri, Lut and Lut2 (only output in the lut filters)
  • “vs.get_core()” can be used everywhere in scripts – previously it would throw an error if used in script function callbacks
  • Much smaller installer

And remember, this project doesn’t run on e-recognition. It runs on despair and hate on interweb forums. Occasionally supplemented by small donations.