Windows Update – USE IT!

Recently there’ve been several users that encountered problems after installing VapourSynth. I imagine that those users looked something like this:

Confusion illustrated

Huh? What’s an update?

Don’t be this guinea pig. Use windows update. Install KB2533623¬†all available updates (or only Internet Explorer 11 since that seems to pull in the required ones) and don’t be afraid of new things.

2 thoughts on “Windows Update – USE IT!

  1. Don’t be this specific guinea pig. Instead be Microsoft’s guinea pig. That’s how you should read it because deep down inside we’ve all got big front teeth and fat butts.

  2. You picked the wrong animal for this message. Guinea pigs in the vernacular are synonymous with test subjects. The guinea pigs are the people who download every new thing before learning whether they’re safe. My entire world view has collapsed in on itself in paradox here. I couldn’t even tell you what color the sky is, or what quality is given to objects by application of water anymore.

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