Finally Using the Bug Tracker

I’ve added link to the bug tracker on Google Code and I will be checking it a lot more often. It’s the best way of submitting documentation corrections as well. Just remember to quickly check the closed reports too because I usually only upload a new documentation revision when a new version is released of VapourSynth. You can find the link in the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Finally Using the Bug Tracker

  1. I did not see a forums section, I apologize if I posted this to the wrong place, I use avisynth like this I read over but did not see AudioDub or AlignedSplice listed, is this possible with Vapoursynth?

    A = FFAudioSource(“F:\AviSynth\!frames10.mkv”)
    V = FFVideoSource(“F:\AviSynth\!frames10.mkv”)
    AudioDub(V, A)
    AlignedSplice(Trim(0, 12334), Trim(12635, 27549))

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