R9 – the mostly done release

This is the big release. The new things are:

  • Full documentation of all the included functions
  • The full source released as LGPL
  • Fixes bugs in most of the internal filters
  • Adds Python + operator and slicing support to clips
  • Fully working on linux (and probably osx too if you want to try compiling there)
  • Many other small things like more fixes to y4m output

With this release I consider the API stable and the core mostly feature complete. So start writing and porting plugins!

What’s next on the todo list (in no particular order):

  • Write a masktools replacement (probably with asmjit)
  • Write a general subtitling plugin, something like AssRender for Avisynth
  • Figure out what to do about the horrible resizers
  • Write a vfw module
  • Make it possible to write full plugins and not just functions in Python
  • Document the C API and make a small example of how to write an Invert filter
  • Other stuff