Plugins, Applications and Scripts


  • D2V Witch – creates indexes that can be opened by d2vsource
  • SmoothVideo Project (SVP) – a plugin/video player component for realtime frame interpolation
  • VapourSynth Editor (Doom9) – an editor with syntax completion and fast preview support
  • VirtualDub FilterMod (Doom9) – VirtualDub with added support for high bitdepth colorspaces, useful for previewing
  • vsmkv – a FUSE-based virtual filesystem for exporting VapourSynth scripts as uncompressed videos in the Matroska (MKV) file format
  • Wobbly (Doom9) – IVTC assistant similar to YATTA
  • Yuuno – incorporates VapourSynth into Jupyter






  • Subtext – Subtitle renderer, in the source tree
  • OCR – Optical character recognition on video frames, in the source tree
  • xy-VSFilter

Resizing and Format Conversion

  • Descale (Doom9) – Undoes resizing
  • fmtconv (Doom9) – High quality bitdepth, colorspace conversion and resizing
  • Tonemap – port of the vf_tonemap FFmpeg filter
  • waifu2x – waifu2x upscaling filter based on the w2xc library
  • waifu2x-caffe (Doom9) – waifu2x upscaling filter based on the waifu2x-caffe library
  • waifu2x-opt – waifu2x upscaling filter based on the waifu2x-opt library


Inverse Telecine

  • IT (Doom9) – Port of the inverse telecine filter for Avisynth
  • VIVTC – field matching, inverse telecine and decimation, in the source tree


Dot Crawl and Rainbows

  • Bifrost 2000 – A rainbow remover based on the Bifrost filter for Avisynth
  • DotKill (Doom9) – A spatial only dotcrawl remover
  • SSIQ – Spatial derainbowing filter
  • TComb (Doom9) – Port of the Avisynth filter

Metrics and Analysis

  • Histogram – Bundled with the installer
  • Scxvid – Scene change detection using libxvidcore
  • Videoscope – Similar to the Histogram plugin
  • WWXD – Xvid-like scene change detection


Avisynth Interop

  • HBVFWSource – load high bitdepth avis into Avisynth (such as a VapourSynth .vpy)