LoadPlugin (Avisynth Compatibility)

avs.LoadPlugin(string path)

Load an Avisynth 2.5 (32 bit) or 2.6 (32 and 64 bit) plugin. If successful, the loaded plugin’s functions will end up in the avs namespace.

The compatibility module can work with a large number of Avisynth’s plugins. However, the wrapping is not complete, so the following things will cause problems:

  • The plugin tries to call env->invoke(). These calls are ignored when it is safe to do so, but otherwise they will most likely trigger a fatal error.
  • Plugins trying to read global variables. There are no global variables.
  • Plugins that use packed RGB24 input/output. Nobody used it anyway.
  • May deadlock when the Avisynth compatibility module does not have a prefetch list. Can be worked around by increasing the number of threads used if it deadlocks.

Returns an error if there are function name collisions.

Beware of Python’s escape character, this will fail:


Correct ways: